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Harry Truman, became a US Senator, VP, and eventually President, ONLY because of his connections with the corrupt Pendergast Machine in Kansas City.

But Truman was no Jefferson “Jeff” Smith (Jimmy Stewart), as in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Harry Truman was simply a personally ambitious, politically minded “riser,” willing to put personal ambition and political gain about principles.

It was Truman who could have given Vietnam their independence from the French imperialists, who had controlled and robbed Vietnam for over 300 years.

But Truman, after receiving a telegram from Ho Chi Minh urgently requesting help, chose not to help, not to allow Vietnam to experience FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

Instead, like the unprincipled, politically-minded nobody that he was, he went along with the LOUD, RABID voices of Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy and his cohorts who saw a commie under every bush.

Ho Chi Minh’s request for help from the French, dated February 28, 1946.

If Truman had high principles and true integrity, he could have prevented the decades long Vietnam War, and the killing and maiming of millions.

Like Truman’s buddy, Boss Pendergast, stated: “Nobody gets a job or appointment because he’s a nice fellow. He must deserve it politically. It’s the same as in any other business.”

I guess Niccolo Machiavelli figured this out over 500 years ago.


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Politics in Washington, DC.
Then, now.

Integrity and honesty are hard to be found.

Instead, money runs everything.
Corporate interests, lobbyists, the very richest of the rich.

Even the wars we enter are usually decided by economic interests, and the lower classes who fight them and get their legs blown off or blinded, have been properly INDOCTRINATED mainly by government PROPAGANDA filtered through the public school system.

Trainers Butt Heads With Coaches Over Concussion Treatment – The Chronicle of Higher Education


I got my first full concussion at about age 7 or 8, playing full on, fast, hard tackle football with kids my age to seniors in high school.

The neighborhood just getting together and playing full on TACKLE FOOTBALL with NO SAFETY EQUIPMENT in a neignbors’s double-wide mown lawn.


And my older brother BROKE AN ARM in these same neighborhood games.
Another game we all played and LOVED was “KILL THE GUY WITH THE BALL.”

In this fun game whoever had the ball would RUN LIKE HELL, trying to elude the other 5 or 10 or 15 people trying to TACKLE, RAM, or TRIP him (Or her. We had one really tough, athletic girl a year younger than me who was the only girl in the neighborhood who had the “balls” to join us in KTGWTB. She also played tackle football with us.).

Once in KTGWTB, I had the ball and this this athletic tough (also good-looking) girl tried to tackle me. I dodged, and unfortunately, the top of my head busted off one of her front teeth.

She wore a silver crown on that tooth, alnost like a badge of honor, for the next number of years, and later became a high school star athlete.

One other time another tough and athletic girl (also good-looking) my same age (about 12) and class, played tackle football with us.

On one play this girl, who at that age was much faster than I was, tried to rush our quarterback. I blocked blocked the hell out of her, pushing her way back from our QB.

She was sweet, nice tempered and very innocent.


But she also this competitive fire underneath,

After I blocked her, her face got DEEP RED, real anger showed, her teeth showing like a mad chihuahua.

Then she reared back and with FULL FORCE! she SLAPPED the ever luvin’ shit out me!


(I gotta say, that’s the only time I’ve been slapped playing football.)

God, those games were fun.